Requesting Additional Days in Care and Submitting Absent Alerts

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to request additional days in care and submit an absent alert through the Parent App

  1. Log in to Kindertales Parent App
  2. Open the Main Menu by tapping on the hamburger button in the top left corner


  3. Tap on Attendance and it’ll bring you to the Attendance page.
  4. To add an entry, tap on the green plus symbol in the bottom right-hand corner


  5. Select between the alert types (Upcoming Absences, Additional Care Requests, etc.)
  6. Fill in the requested information and once completed tap on Save to submit your request

Now, revisit the Attendance page every once in a while to see a response from your daycare center on whether the request was accepted or rejected due to capacity. If your request is still in the pending state, please reach out to the daycare centre to have it processed.